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FGSS indulges directly in business strategic engagement and enhancement which is our core competency and expertise. Our consultancy and advisory are entrenched into the full spectrum of corporate security management. We provide security services throughout the man-guarding continuum right from asset protection, critical infra-structure security, physical security, security solutions, security support products and technological transformations and modifications to security monitoring and response services. We also provide subject matter experts for security audits of buildings, sites, facilities, manufacturing plants, logistics facilities, warehouses and transportation hubs. Our cyber security enhancement catapult into the safe and secured internet terrains and platforms. We also enhance IT infrastructures and incorporate AI and IOT towards latest technology incorporation into the organizational robustness but focus on vibrant operation and flexibility in the innovations.

Our dedicated consultancy and streamlined expert advisory and recommendations align upon a combination and/or amalgamation of specific conclusions from Gap Analysis, Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Failure Mode Effect Analysis and CADIO practices which we implement towards Change Management. Thus, transforming leadership creativity of our clients’ organizational succession continuity, business acumen, next-step transformational business growth and fundamental strategies. Directly our consultative engagement and enhanced schematic approaches with focus executions rejuvenate, reboot and rekindle the familiarization and acclimatization for exponential growth of businesses.

We further indulge into preparation and advisory in the area of Crisis Management wherein Senior Management Teams are prepared towards optimistic responsiveness during crisis acceleration and implement effective and efficient strategies for Business Continuity and alignment during the new norms. We provide thoroughly researched Business Risk Analysis and identify hazards and threats so as to harness the organization’s vulnerabilities and turn the business focus towards strengthening the opportunities and explore new possibilities and frontiers for growth, expansion and diversification yet remain vibrant in their core business.

A very strong component and facet of FGSS proficiency is the crafting, designing, organizing, managing and launching of Conferences, Seminars, Roundtable Meetings and Networking events. The pool of consultants who converge together take deep dives into the industry and/or agenda in discussion and write out most pertinent and relevant conferences, seminars or networking events. These events place emphasis and focus on new-wave developments which are significant for the industrial and corporate professionals and practitioners who participate in such international and corporate events steered at engaging, enhancing and promoting networking and collaboration amongst great minds of the businesses.

FGSS also focuses on providing Secretarial and Support Services to professional bodies, associations, societies, alliances and as well as business fraternities. The niche pool of FGSS experts and consultants in these facet of our services provide day to day operational support, minute meetings, follow-up on actions and plans, organize events, roundtable discussions and CEO meetings among members of such organizations. Our team also takes on the promotion, recruitment and expansion of membership, craft networking among members, manage their internal newsletters and/or e-magazines, organize their annual meetings, dinners and conferences and act for and on behalf of the Management Committee of such bodies and alliances to liaise, coordinate and interact with government agencies. We also brand their  international outreach and coordinate such communication and engagement.

The FGSS suit of services which pins across consultations, advisories, events, trainings, support services and business solutions integration is further fortified and strengthen by our partners in partnership. We are engaged with international companies known for their expertise and deliverance of excellent business transformation and exponential growth outcomes for companies across the globe.

This is the unique differentiation that we embrace as we in turn engage with our clients and customers in this region. The distinction from such alliances with international collaboration by FGSS boost our service and solution possibilities to every specification and request from our clients. We mix and match expertise from our partners with our own core team of consultants to provide the best to our clients. The implementations and strategies adopted and adapted into our client’s business endeavors amplify the esteem value we add into their portfolio and ensure that the reliability and trust placed on and in FGSS is ever lasting.

FGSS Management and stakeholders are steadfast and dedicated on the commitment to our primary team of consultants, experts and employees working with us. Governance, integrity and transparency are the pillars of our organizational culture. This culture of FGSS Stakeholders, Management and Team exemplifies our esteem and unparalleled reputation across the industry, with our clients, among the peer professionals and as well as with our  competition. The culture has been, is and will be the personified embodiment of FGSS for now and into the future.



Having Control, Command & the Ability to Influence Total Security, Responsibility & Accountability

Positive Attitude

Rejecting Negativity, Thinking Positive, Confidence, Braveness & Forward Looking, Creating a Win-Win Situation


Rejecting Negativity, Thinking Positive, Confidence, Braveness & Forward Looking, Creating a Win-Win Situation



Safe & Sound, Risk & Liability Free, Peace of Mind


  • To Serve with dedication
  • To Meet Customer’s Expectations To Provide Value Added & Quality Services
  • To Be Accountable, Responsible & Reliable
  • To improve Our Business and Operations Management Constantly and To Provide Value Added Services
  • To Advocate Security with Social Responsibility
  • To Create Cordial Working Relations and Cost Effective Strategic Security Solutions
  • To Instil Good Governance & Business Etiquette.
  • To Perform Towards ‘Zero’ Complain & Criminal Event
  • To Immediately Respond Towards Customer’s Feedback with Car

To be the leading Security Consultation Centre, delivering innovative and exceptional service and recognised as the Security Integrator of choice.


To become a leading service provider in holistic security services.


At the heart of First Global Support Services is our brand promise, that every moment matters. More than our signature, it is simply how we do business and who we are at the core. We help to ensure our success by aligning our members around our core beliefs.