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CYDEF 2019

Insights by Experts in the Industry

Nation building will be an impossible task without the presence of cybersecurity and cyberdefense capabilities. As developing countries begin to use the internet to stimulate economic growth, there will be an urgent need for governments and corporations to set up robust frameworks to secure its information infrastructure in cyberspace.

CYDEF is a 2-day working annual conference that brings together practitioners, academias and industry professionals in the cyber security space, to share their findings and for organizations to deal with the challenges in embracing digital transformation.

Drawing on current and past encounters, this conference aims to answer the very basic question that every top management would want to know – Can cyber aggressors truly cause chaos to my organization or even destabilize a nation? How can governments, businesses and civil society  collaborate in addressing cyberspace threats together?

This conference seeks to encourage openness amongst its speakers to share their experiences and recommendation to a “non-technical” audience. It will be carefully structured to provide delegates with an understanding on the challenges that is coming ahead.