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Strategic Business Enhancement and Engagement Consulting

We look at the organization “as it is” and discuss with the stakeholders and senior management team on “as what it should be”. We analyse the current performance, the revenue, the overheads, the sales and marketing and cost drivers. We look into both their short and long term plans if they have any. In short we inject into their very business “veins” and “nerves”, technological and innovative solutions and look for signals of blocks and end points which has caused weaknesses and threats. We introduce changes, modification and transformation with strategic-operational-tactical (SOT) inputs therein witnessing the business experiencing  a total makeover towards growth, expansion and fortification. In actual fact, an exponential growth is what we envision for our clients.  

In this perspective FGSS as an entity is involved in a selection of services, consultancy, mentoring and advisory niche in business growth across the industry.  Our expertise, experience and technical know-hows are well engrained and deep rooted by the capabilities and capacities of our highly proficient professional advisors and consultants. This exemplifies our organisational esteem acknowledgment and admiration by our wide range of partners who have been engaged with us, by our participants who have attended our programs, by our clients whose businesses have seen a significant growth and by our network of business practitioners who have leveraged on our introductions and networks which we have synergised towards their growth now and expected into the future.



Strategic, Operational and Tactical Management of Security

The full spectrum of the security facet is among the priority verticals of our organization. Our consultancy, operational management and advisory are entrenched into all of the security management components. We provide security services throughout the man-guarding continuum right from asset protection, critical infra-structure security, physical security, security solutions, security support products and technological transformations and modifications to security monitoring and response services.

We safeguard and secure manufacturing entities, logistics environment, distribution centres, government agencies and departments. We deploy our specialised and trained armed guards for financial institutions, security critical businesses, in transport vehicles of cash in transit, armed guards and vehicle escort for high value theft targeted transported cargo, at critical infra-structure of the government like dams, power plants, and for telco communication stations. We provide holistic guarding services for condominiums, apartments and gated community and crowd control, crowd monitoring and detection checks at major events and festive celebrations. We are also engaged for concerts and niche event guarding.

We also provide subject matter experts for security audits of buildings, sites, facilities, manufacturing plants, logistics facilities, warehouses and transportation hubs. We do gap analysis and prepare our clients with the necessary security scope of work, security roles and responsibilities, security standard operational procedure and the customised security policy and procedure appropriate to the nature of business of our clients so that they can conform to regulatory and international security certifications. Our consultants can be engaged throughout the process of preparation, acclimatization and acquiring of the certifications.

Our priority is the security of people, be they employees, customers, vendors, suppliers or the general public. There is no compromise on this agenda. We customise and incorporate latest security technology and innovative gadgets to enhance security operations. Thus we drive cost strategies of man-power reduction as the technological improvisations provide for the dependence on man guarding complacencies.



Installation, Commission and Integration of Security Products and Services

We are a specialised business entity serving the security market as specialist in commercial automation and security integration . We carry more than 400 latest security products which are incorporated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IOT) to enhance existing security gadgets and systems of our clients. The range of security solutions tip off from CCTV cameras, to analytics, data storages, alarms to sophisticated scanners and detection systems. Our products are scalable, compatible to legacy systems and seamlessly integrated to many different products and brands. We carry this wide range of products to meet both the individual and commercial request of sales and services. 

Our consultants are able to design and commission a full physical security infra-structure be it for a home, a business facility, a manufacturing plant or a large scale multi-national company. We also provide the after sales maintenance and servicing and as well as advisory towards enhancement and innovation if and when we are continuously engaged as partners with our clients, We carry both originals and generic products coming from across Asia and Europe.

Our products generally are premium class and category though we also cater for the mid-range of products. We represent as master dealer for a wide range of security products and hold exclusive rights to some of the latest security equipment and gadgets in the market. Our services are 24/7, 365 days: for all people and at all times in the facility. We further engage by automating with protective services control methodologies towards alarm monitoring and response being activated from our SOCCC centre.

We specialise in the commissioning and operational management of Security Command, Control and Communication Centres (SOCCCC). The SOCCCC is the nucleus of the entire security management outfit and we take deep care in specialising the Security Officers for such task. Our latest product and integrated specialisation encompasses latest: Alarm Systems & CCTV, Perimeter Security, Explosive Proof Cameras, Environmental Monitoring, Access & Admission Controls, Rapid Fog, Bio-metrics & Facial Recognition, Real-Time Guard Tour System, analytic and 360 data generating security equipment, large scale commercial scanners and critical infra-structure security enhancement gadgets.



Investigations, Background Checks, Surveillance and Monitoring

Confidentiality and non-disclosure are the other attributes in the facet of verticals offered by FGSS to our clients and partners. We indulge in investigative works prescribing to local regulatory compliance. We provide corporate intelligence and investigations on espionage, counterfeits, frauds, competitive intelligence and risk analysis. Our investigations are particularly focus on loss and theft, suspects and recoveries, criminal and accident investigations, financial forensics, workplace harassment and ethics. All such services rendered by FGSS are done in cooperation with the organization’s in-house person in charge and in some cases are done in assistance to facilitate police investigations.

FGSS specialist and consultants are very mindful of company information. We provide both IT and direct controls on data protect in line with Personal Data Protection Act in Malaysia and General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union which is applicable in this region. We place focus on issues explicit to different organizations and maintaining integrity of such communication and secrecy is priority in our service to our clients. We work with a team of FGSS partnering lawyers on the reports generated and engage with relevant enforcement agencies and officers to facilitate our onwards investigations where further legislative and judicial actions if required.

We assist HR Directors and Managers of our clients with know your employee-customer-vendor-supply programs. We provide background intelligence through legitimate means and where required provide inputs during employment process. We also engage in monitoring and surveillance of key employees who may be suspected for fraud, illegal activities or maybe involved in criminal activities or intent. We provide across the company for all employees training on security information governance, control, managing and transferability of need to know information within and external of the organization.



Clientele Information Technology Fortification

The team of IT professions and partners spearheading the FGSS division on IT helps our clients on consolidating, safeguarding and fortifying the IT network management. We provide advisory and consultancy on latest IT devices and infrastructure to generate, develop, store, secure and communicate all forms of electronic data which is being exchanged and transacted in the organization. We enhance with strategies for efficient and effective IT technical support and the precise business applications, software and IT tools to support the business development of our clients business.

IT compliance on use of files, storage of information, retrieving of information and transmitting of information can be a difficult chore and task in the organisation. A lot of malpractices root in these actions by employees. Our experts decipher the compliance requirements and highlight the signs and signals of such deviations so as to harness information lost or stealing pro-actively. Confidentiality of information and availability of information at the right time to the right people is our priority in our advisory to our clients.

Protection of employee data in line with PDPA and GDPR rest in the realms of IT. All devices and equipment as well as network infra-structures designed, commissioned and implemented for operations of our client’s businesses are ensured to comply regimentally to data protection. This includes customer data, supplier information, confidential transactions, financial disbursements and daily transactional trails.       

Our team of experts drive our clients businesses with exemplifying IT robustness and ensure that Information is prioritised throughout the business chain. The years of experience and technical know-how from the FGSS team and partners give our clients the added advantage to focus on their business progression and worry less on the control and safeguarding of information and confidentiality. We ensure the technological innovations of the business are done with critical analysis and only the right and correct IT inputs are injected into the business from time to time. We act for and on behalf of our clients in identifying the right IT innovations and products as technology digitalises and electronic transaction becomes constant.



Cyber Security Booster Support Services

The FGSS Cyber Security partners and team complements the IT infra-structure and framework. We manage your IT system from cyber-attacks and hacking with 24 hour cyber support mechanism from our back-end team. We constantly update your IT protocols and do penetration and vulnerability assessment to keep your systems from any virus or unwarranted intrusions. Cyber security awareness training for employees are made mandatory. We put in place contingencies and crisis management recovery plans so as to protect and stop both internal and external threats and weaknesses.

The combine services of Information Technology Fortification and Cyber Security Booster Support jointly offered as an added value proposition from FGSS gives the organisation full confidence of reliability from experts who are totally immersed on a daily basis and therein able to use their human resources for other business purposes. The services of FGSS in this facet is expandable, scalable and can be customised according to the demands and situations.

Our support team when engaged and requested upon will supervise and provide cyber vigilance 24/7, 365 days remotely from our state of art part Security Operational Centre (SOC). Our experts are constantly and consistently there to ensure you receive the necessary alerts, signs and signals of any intrusion or attack well ahead before they get into your IT nerves and veins. Never take your IT technical errors lightly as this may just be an initial attempt which left unattended can be disastrous not just to your IT infra-structure but your entire business which might just be compromised and subjected to ransomware. FGSS team gives you the peace of mind as we take care and fix this thoroughly even before it happens. We do it regimentally always.

FGSS Smart Solutions for Commercial and Corporate Entities

 On the commercial and business front, FGSS provides a whole range of smart solutions for both large multinational and small medium enterprises. Our solutions for human resource management and smart office operations with the integration of seamless information technology of IoT, Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity front end protection with virtual guarding software intertwined with physical manpower security deployment is the essence towards driving productivity and efficiency in today’s challenging new norm world which demands swift and seamless actions.

The combination and comprehensive smart solutions that we introduce, market, commission, service and maintain reaches across to our corporate customers and commercial clientele who aspire to drive business ecosystems which are robust and stable yet promising acceleration in execution. Our objective is to provide the best solutions to business security, integrity, confidentiality and availability of information for the genuine purposes of the business.  Simultaneously though providing for ease of use and access we strive via our solutions to deter, detect and deny unauthorised entry into the business IT systems and eliminate any form of attempt towards intrusion, infringement or disturbances from the external threats as well as internal menaces by employees.

Our smart solutions can be procured as a standalone functionality and can also be integrated seamlessly with current existing systems or blended in with the existing ecosystem so as to provide for a comprehensive all-inclusive solution for the best functionality without undue worry by the management of the corporate or commercial entities. The most vital assets of a business entity – people and information are covered by our cloud base platform solutions for businesses. We track and trace as well as monitor and pinpoint all the veins and nerves of the business operations. The smart office – human resources -security management solutions with the IT and Cyber defence technology solution injections consolidate and fortify the business from threats and consequential business reputational damage. Our solutions will spot on give the warnings for action and decipher where the threats originate from and what needs to be done immediately to harness the status and remain robust and determine against any undue ramification.

FGSS solutions take the overall employee, time, attendance, leave and recruitment management in one channel. The system centralises and monitors multiple variables in quick instances with data accuracy for actions by the management. The solutions are applicable across industries and business streams. It is also customisable and implemented as per the requirements and anticipation of the commercial and corporate clients. Our solutions are incorporated with PDPA and GDPR data regulatory compliance requirements which is a paramount must in today’s businesses across borders.

Apart from the business and data protection solutions, FGSS focuses on external smart inputs for the physical security of commercial and corporate entities. Access control, security officer management and surveillance, CCTV surveillance, guard patrolling and response, visitor management, parking management, safety systems, facility maintenance, environment care, employee safety well-being and the security command, control and communication centre is the niche of FGSS – the safety and security reside in our care as the stakeholders and management focus on their business growth and development.   

Our solutions are always on the trend of technological improvements and innovations. The platforms, gadgets and solutions introduced by FGSS are expandable and also wherever possible are able to merge with existing legacy systems. We endeavour to give you the best and we remain as partners with you as we progress in synergy with your business. Our mission to keep our corporate partners as one with us and we identify in all our actions as if the business is ours in custody and ownership. FGSS aspires to remain as your definitive  and ultimately the most reliable associate in partnership with our reliable solutions. 


FGSS Real Estate Management Services


FGSS through its “Partners in Partnership” portfolio engages in the complete spectrum of real estate property management particularly in tenant and building management. The properties include high rise residential condominiums and apartments, residential-commercial mixed use properties and fully or partially gated community living environment. The preservation of the value and worth of the building, the safety and security of the property owners and dwellers, the periodic maintenance and daily cleanliness as well as the identity and image of the property is taken care of in the interest of the owners and investors who have given task our company to act for and on behalf of them at the property.


We specialise in managing both residential (condominiums, apartments and gated communities) and commercial (shop lots and offices) buildings. The effective and efficiency we bring with our management team ensures the expected quality of service of owners at these properties. Our service reach across to government buildings, Mall owners, building Management Corporations (MC), apartment and condominium Joint Management Bodies (JMB), Dwelling Residents’ Associations (RA) and also selected property developers.


We are engaged to collect the monthly maintenance funds in accordance to the provisions of the Strata Tiles Act 1985 and the collections are in compliance to the Building and Common Property Maintenance and Management). We incorporate industrial best known practices and best known methods in our management execution of these properties. Our expertise, experience and knowledge is engrained in:

  • The full maintenance and service of building electrical fittings, lifts, safety equipment and gadgets, pump house, water tanks, swimming pools and other resident facilities.
  • We deploy our administrative and finance staff towards the collection of service and maintenance charges, water / electricity charges (where applicable), insurance and quit rent collection, yearly insurance charges collection.
  • We appoint, monitor and check on all external contractors (partners in partnership) engaged by ourselves towards the periodic maintenance works at the properties and prepare reports to the MC/JMB/RA or Developer on the proper execution of work orders.
  • We prepare monthly operational, technical and financial reports to the MC/JMB/RA or Developer in accordance to Strata Title Acts.
  • We appoint the security companies, safety contractors from within our partners in partnership portfolio and manage them exclusively within our scope of jurisdiction with the property owners or the MC/JMB/RA
  • We ensure that the house rules as stipulated by the MC/JMB/RA is adhered to by the residents and property owners.
  • We are instrumental in the full execution of the Annual General Meetings (AGMs) of MC/JMB as we are part to the regular meetings of these Owner Management Bodies.


In summary our focus of service is in the areas of maintenance, accounting and administration of these properties. Thus the full mechanical and electrical works, fire safety compliances, security guarding services, CCTV and control room management, lift maintenance, pest control, swimming pool maintenance and cleanliness, recreational facilities maintenance as well as any repair works and improvement facilitations are within the scope of services we provide. Integrity, governance, accountability and transparency is paramount in our service to the MC or JMB. As such we deploy best known property and accounting systems and software to give the best efficiency. We ensure proper PDPA compliance and consistently provide updated monthly reports with subsequent full annual accounts statements with substantiated banking statements and records. On the collection front, apart from the collection of maintenance, quit rent, insurances and other stipulated payments from the owners of these properties, we are also engaged to ensure that we check and pursue defaulters and arrange our partners in partnership legal firms towards actions.  

FGSS Smart Solutions for Residential Dwellings

The combination and comprehensive smart solutions that we introduce, market, commission, service and maintain reaches across to customers and clientele at both residential and commercial environment. The objective is to provide the best solutions to their safety and security and simultaneously though providing for ease of use and access it must be able to deter, detect and deny unauthorised entry or any form of attempt towards intrusion, infringement or disturbances. We focus on neighbourhood smart solutions at residential areas, condominiums, apartments and gated communities with enhancement of entry by barrier gates with analytics, close circuit cameras, visitor management systems, security observations with monitoring and response as well as patrolling. We merge and entwine technology with human capital so as to drive effectiveness and efficiency.

All our smart solutions can be procured as a standalone functionality and can be integrated without any difficulty with current existing systems or blended in with the existing ecosystem so as to provide for a comprehensive all-inclusive solution for the peaceful residential community living experience. Our

solutions cater for both the developers and real estate management entities. The terrain at which we have customised our solutions can be initiated from the period of providing vacant possession to the owners with the key handover to completion of defect identification, fulfilment processing of billing and general management. The smart solutions will also provide for all the signals and signs for the smooth handover processing starting from the developer to the joint management bodies or management corporation of residential dwellings. To top it off, for the safety and security of the owners and residents we have incorporated alarm systems, monitoring alerts and response services during duress or emergencies.

We assist and facilitate the hassle-free handshake between house owners and the development with our smart solutions during the vacant possession period. Our solution also facilitates the submission of defect reports from residential owners. The system tracks and traces all developments to such reports and ensures a seamless rectification of the problems with feedbacks and joint inspections after works completed. The solutions also act as the medium for all information exchange as well as gives an exclusivity to connect and communicate with the house owners and residents in the area covered by our solutions.

The FGSS smart community system incorporates home CCTV security, alarm systems, smart locks, visitor intercom systems, visitor management systems, residents access systems, siren and alarm alerts at guard control for duress, emergency and panic situations. For a secured and safer neighbourhood, our solutions integrate the security and safety features of the comprehensive residential and visitor management systems with IoT and AI technology. The entrances to gated community, condominiums and high rise apartments is fitted with robust barrier controls which has long range UHF readers, license plate recognition cameras and access with prior credential permission approvals. We also bundle this with lobby access, facilities access and lift access controls. Our smart solutions promises an ease of mind and peaceful undisturbed luxury of living in a grandeur lifestyle in such environments.

Guarding has been a major problem at most residential living areas. The FGSS solution provides for real time effective monitoring and performance governance of the security officers on duty. The system provides for the constant communication between the management and directly with and among the security officers on duty. There are key performance indicators within the system which highlights on any failure of operational performances of the security. It also monitors guard patrolling of the designated perimeters. This eliminates disputes on performances and also ensures validity of penalties for non-performance of the stipulates roles and responsibilities and scope of work or action procedures. 

In all, our smart solutions are comprehensive and holistic with possibilities of enhancement with additional features. The solution capabilities are stretchable and expandable as newer technology surfaces. We constantly endeavour to ensure the systems introduce by us are optimal to satisfaction.


FGSS is committed to helping its clients reach their goals, to personalising their  experiences, to providing an innovative environment, and to making a difference.

At FGSS we follow and enforce Security Best Practices for all our clients, as well as internally. Your Security NEEDS is only as good as the weakest link in the chain. We educate our team and our clients on all things security to keep you safe. We got your back!

We don’t pursue every company that needs security support. We choose only clients that share in our values. Serving a company’s security needs is a HUGE responsibility that we take very seriously. It takes teamwork and a solid commitment to good communication, excellence, and industry best practices to serve a company in an excellent manner. If we cannot succeed in an excellent manner because of value differences – we simply don’t pursue the opportunity.

From quick consultations to learning & development and security enforcement we’ve got it. And if there’s ever a problem we can’t solve, we know who to contact to get it fixed.

We sit on the same side of the table as YOU to provide business solutions to business problems. We don’t try to sell you the latest techno gizmo – instead – we listen to your business problem and offer several strategies to resolve the ROOT of the problem and achieve your objectives.

Anyone can be a security consultant, but the experience of working with the person helping you is so important (recall the last time you went to a nice restaurant vs. McDonalds). The FGSS genuinely cares about every client. This drives us to provide absolute fanatical support for your business.