Service Centre and Regional Office for Associations & International Institutions

The expertise and experience of handling Secretarial and Secretariat  services as well as the providing of Advisory and Consultancy has earned FGSS the trust and reputation to handle representation for international associations, professional fraternity and global institutions of learning and training. FGSS acts for and on behalf of reputable organisations as regional office, country service centre, area representative or regional partners. We undertake the entire operations and administrations of such institutions and associations for the country or the ASEAN Region or throughout Asia Pacific.

The perspectives that FGSS handles for associations are their entire operational nitty-gritty, secretarial functions, all correspondences and liaison with the members as well as the management committee. We follow through on all meetings of the committee and execute duties and functions as per the directive of the committee proceedings, closely monitor and follow-up on all action items of the association. We collect membership fees, promote the membership of the association across the industry or to the fraternity related to the association. We are also entrusted to organise the association or fraternity annual general meetings, election of office bearers and submissions of this proceedings and annual audited statement of accounts to the members at the AGM and also do the submission to the relevant authorities.

We specialise in organising networking events, membership exchanges and tea-talks of the association or fraternity. FGSS niche expertise and experience is in the undertaking of crafting, planning, organising, managing and logistics for the association or fraternity major events like their seminars, regional or global conferences and round-table meetings among members or open to such participation from the public affiliated to the attributes, activities or associated to the core mission and purpose of the association and/or fraternity.

All activities related to the public relations as well as customer relations and liaison with the public, other institutions or the relevant government bodies are taken up for and on behalf of the association by the directors of FGSS. We work with clear reporting structures, governance, integrity, transparency and within the prescribed empowerment and parameters of negotiation and representation for the association or the professional fraternity body that we represent.

A similar modus operandi of exemplification is applied for global institutions of learning and training that FGSS represents. Additionally, we promote the courses and training programs of these institutions to our niche database of interest in the regions or territories that we represent. We take up the entire administration, marketing and sales of such courses and training programs in the jurisdictions and prescribed boundaries as agreed in contract with the global institutions of learning and training. We are also entrusted with the logistics to managing the trainers, the venue, the F&B, the training material, issuance of certificates or certifications and as well as hotel and travel arrangements for the participants to the training.

The representation of FGSS as the Service Centre and/or as the Regional Office for Associations & International Institutions has given us the reputable status as a premium organisation with professional capabilities and expertise capacity to handle  such enormous task for and on behalf of such professional bodies and associations. We are “one of a kind and perhaps the only” organisation that synergises our expertise in the area of secretarial works with advisory and consultancy proficiency into representing the associations and fraternities. We have earned this trust with our devoted attention to details and the passion to serve without reservation. We are proud to be associated with some of the reputable professional bodies and international associations around the world and we look forward to excel in branding ourselves with this attribute for now and into the future.